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Autumn ~ Water Element

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery

Autumn Water Collection

All the crystal jewellery in this collection have a connection with the Water Element.

The water element is associated with the Autumn months, and the Heart and Throat Chakras.

The Water Element provides the opportunity for inner work, darker days descend and we might want to consider doing some work with the Shadow Self or Disowned Selves.

The Water Element is also capable of astonishing levels of perseverance, making its ways around obstacles, carving through rock formations. Call on Water for reflection, inner work, or when you really need that extra push to get something done.

The Zodiac Water Signs




Water Element Jewellery

Three Reasons to Wear Water Element Jewellery

1. To align your energy with the Autumn Season

2. To help bring your Water Element, Heart or Throat Chakras into balance

3. For emotional healing and taking time for introspection and meditation

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Jewellery Designs inspired by Oxana Crafts and Lily Tree with much appreciation for their work.

The Water Element associations are:

Emotions, Cleansing, Empathy, Tranquillity, Flow, Reflection, Compassion, Intuition, Illusion.

When we have a balanced Water Element, we experience harmony and the ability to connect with our emotions without being ruled by them.  Balanced water is soft, sensitive, gentle and empathetic with a steady disposition.

Depleted Water can show itself as stiffness and a lack of empathy and rhythm. The inability to connect with our emotions, becoming detached, sometimes disguised as dispassionate objectivity.

Excessive Water can show itself as overly emotional, apprehensive, particularly security conscious, sometimes self-indulgent and lost in daydreams. Weight gain can also be an indication of excess water.

Themed Jewellery


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