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Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapist Tina Shaw

Complementary Therapies in Loughton & Online

The Benefits of Reiki Treatments


Manage Stress, Anxiety and Pain


Provide support during bereavement or difficult times


Recovery from illness, injury or surgery


Improve your sleep, immune function and overall well-being


Balance Your Chakras & Clear and Boost Your Aura


Harmonise the flow of energy through your meridians


Supports Detoxification


Support for a range of other physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters.

Promoting Better Health Since 2001

Reiki is one of the safest complementary therapies out there.

It works by promoting your own natural healing abilities. It is non-invasive and suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender, beliefs and health. It is even safe for pregnant women.

You will remain fully clothed (except shoes) throughout the process and no contact is made to the face, throat, chest (with women) or genitals. Reiki can be a completely hands-off therapy if preferred and you will be given the option.

Reiki Treatment Add-Ons

Bring some additional therapeutic benefits to your Reiki Treatment, such as crystals, hypnotic healing or shamanic work and power up your healing with these add-ons. Or perhaps you are curious about Reiki Training or having some therapy or coaching. These add-ons can give a taste of those services before committing to a bigger package.

Therapy and Coaching in Loughton & Online

A Soulful Synergy ~ Bringing together the best ideas available in Therapy and Coaching.

I offer therapy and coaching designed for those of you who want to take their healing, spiritual journey deeper. If you are experiencing long term challenges, deep-seated issues, anxiety, depression or trauma or just feel really stuck in some way in your life, this is for you.

By bringing together all my experience, knowledge, and training, we can create a journey that is going to help you move through blockages, limiting beliefs and outdated stories, deal with past traumas, and anything else that gets in the way of you connecting with your true self and greatest potential.

I work with a range of complementary therapies including Energy Medicine, Positive Psychology, Therapeutic Shamanism, Parts Therapy, Hypnotic Language, NLP, EFT, and Eye Movement Integration to help create an experience designed for you. But what I offer is more than just a random range of techniques. My skill is in understanding the patterns within your mind, body, and energy system, together with your life history to then determine exactly what synergy of approaches, techniques, and support would empower the greatest results for you in the most appropriate time frame.

It’s human nature to apply simple, universal labels to describe our challenges and goals. However, a label can mean something quite different to each person that uses it. I listed some of the more common issues I work with as a rough guide, but when we work together we will look beyond any labels to what’s behind them.

The work I do with you will be as individual as you are. It’s no good seeing a therapist or coach that wants you to fit neatly into their approach or way of seeing life. It’s got to be about you, and you are unique. 

I’m here to create something that feels truly right for you.

"The World Cannot Be Whole Until You Take Your Place Within It." Bill Plotkin

Confidence|Self-Esteem|Stress|Manage Pain|Bereavement|Anxiety|Depression|Trauma|Addiction|Self-Sabotage|IBS|Child Abuse|Panic Attacks|Public Speaking|Life Coaching|Finding Purpose|Authenticity|Healing|Soulful Living

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Free Phone Consultation!

If you're not sure what service or course is best for you or you have any questions. Arrange a free phone consultation today and we can find out what would best suit your unique needs and goals.

Client Testimonials

“The benefits I had after the therapy are invaluable. I was able to use the downloads every time I felt the need to help with my pain. I thought that I had dealt with my problems, but it was only apparent after my therapy that they are now well and truly gone. I felt that the standard of service and care provided by Tina was excellent. The after care and contact is very helpful so you know that you can always count on Tina who is very open and approachable.”


I would highly recommend this service to others. The individual sessions were interesting, exciting, inspiring, and emotional. I also recognise that you have a special talent for knowing when to give space and when to move forward. I am sure this way of working has played a significant role in how I have been able to absorb this experience, become whole, and move forward in my life. I found all the information you provided in the journeys and within the medicine bundles of help and significance. You have helped reconnect all my elements and I know I have the tools to lead a good, joyous and very blessed life. I thank you very much for the important part you have played in this growth.


Tina helped me on so many levels that it is hard to make a brief testimony. Over the time we did the sessions, she helped me re-think and work on the way I saw things, making me questioning old statements that were stopping me being happier. I can say now that I love myself more and I feel more fulfilled. I am less of a perfectionist, able to accept my body. With Tina’s help I got rid of my IBS and now deal better with stress and my work relations. We also worked on my character strengths, which is great to help you develop aspects of your life that could be stronger.


International Guild of Complementary Therapists
NCH Accredited Complementary Therapist
CNHC Registered Complementary Therapist

Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery by Tina Shaw and Gift Vouchers for All Services Offered.

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