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Evidence-Based Therapy and Coaching

Sacred Pathways

Therapy & Coaching with Tina Shaw

Therapy and Coaching Available in Loughton and Online.

Sacred Pathways is a therapy and coaching system created out of your specific needs and goals and therefore the journey we take together will be unique. Below you can see a rough guide to the framework we’ll use if you choose to take this journey.

"The Biggest Adventure You Can Take Is To Live The Life Of Your Dreams." Oprah Winfrey.

An adventure is a good analogy for the framework I use.

The Plan

First, we need to know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. We want to plan your journey, consider any problems we may encounter along the way. Understand what we might need available to travel safely and make the most of your experience.

We will explore what you want to achieve and in what way you want this to change your life for the better. Nothing scares the unconscious more than change, and facing the unknown. By creating a roadmap and having a positive future in mind we can get your unconscious on board with our plans sooner. Often therapists miss this important step and clients fall quickly back into old behaviours and patterns. We’ll also discuss what approaches would best suit you, your beliefs and what you are comfortable with.

The Journey (Process)

The journey itself is where most of the therapy/coaching work will happen, using any number of methods, tools, and skills available to us to create the most effective journey possible. We won’t just be using my skills but yours too, as you are an essential part of this journey, and you’ll be given tasks to complete between sessions. The process is flexible enough that we can change direction or take a detour whenever we feel it necessary or should hit an unexpected bump in the road. These sessions will utilise any of the therapy and coaching methods we feel would suit you and your particular journey. You can read a little bit about what that might involve below.

As part of the process, you will receive a self-hypnosis mp3 to help guide your unconscious toward the change you seek.

The Destination (Results)

Most people will start to see results within  4 – 6 sessions. When we start to see our destination ahead of us we want to ensure all of the wonderful things we gained on the journey become a permanent part of us, something that can be a springboard for life’s next big adventure. Every big adventure ends knowing that more adventures lie ahead and we’ll make sure you are confident and ready for what life may throw at you. Once we have that confidence we can part ways knowing you can come back for guidance if you need to, but that now you are fully equipped to be your own guide in the future. You’ll receive a parting gift from me, your guide to help you take your next steps and part of that will include a final self-hypnosis mp3 to remind you of all you’ve achieved and all you can achieve in the future.

Are You Ready?

As the old maxim states, every journey begins with a single step. When you click to start, the adventure begins with some simple questions then you’ll receive a follow up from me before either of us needs to commit to anything, so we can both be sure this is going to be the right path for you.

Take The Well-Being Quiz

This series of questions can help you self-assess your overall well-being. This includes assessing your levels of Anxiety, Depression and Wellness. You can use this quiz to help you decide if therapy and coaching would benefit you.

You can also take this quiz regularly to monitor your progress and results when working to improve your overall well-being. Clients will be provided with this throughout their journey so we can monitor our progress together and adapt accordingly.

Well-Being Quiz

Self-Assess Your Levels of Anxiety, Depression and Well-Being

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OVER THE LAST 2 WEEKS how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems? Please make sure you have selected one option for each statement.

An overview of Therapy and Coaching Techniques I may use

I don’t utilise only one approach and really believe this is key to our success. Through my training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Shamanism, I’ve learned numerous techniques taken from a wide field of therapeutic and coaching systems. This means I can work with you in more unique ways, that don’t require you to fit a particular system, instead have a system created especially for you.

These methods and concepts are taken from Gestalt Therapy, Positive Psychology, NLP, EFT, EMI, Behaviour Psychology, Cognitive Theory, CBT, Carl Young, Eriksonian, Nutrition, Psychotherapy, and person-centered Counseling. I’m guessing you don’t need a guided tour of each, you just want to know if I can help, so get in touch because there is a good chance I can.

The aim of my work with any of these models or approaches is to help you become fully empowered and whole, to recognise you have everything you need within you to really live a fulfilled and meaningful life, to create your life as you want it, your way.

As well as the therapy and coaching methods available from Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we also have the use of hypnotic language and metaphor. These are important elements of the work we’ll do together. 90% of everything we think, feel and do stems from the unconscious mind. This means that most of what we struggle with is coming from a place that we don’t have much awareness of, we are not conscious of. We may be conscious of the problems we have or the goals we want to achieve but the thing that’s stopping you from resolving that problem or achieving that goal is within your unconscious.

The unconscious speaks an entirely different language to us, it speaks in metaphors and symbols, it uses algorithms to speed up processes. Using hypnotic language and metaphor allows us to communicate with the unconscious in its own language, bypassing many challenges people face with therapies that don’t make use of hypnotic language and metaphor. You probably wouldn’t see a therapist that can’t speak your language, well a therapist that doesn’t make use of hypnotic language or metaphor isn’t going to be speaking the language that your unconscious mind understands.

The most unique element of Shamanism is the work takes place outside of ordinary reality. We can work in other realms, realms where profound healing and wisdom can be found. We can work with wise and compassionate, safe guides who will help us identify elements of the work that might not come through using more ordinary therapy alone. They can also provide us with healing tools and knowledge to support us.

It connects wonderfully with other aspects of my work through the understanding of parts of self. We are not just one entity we are made up of many selves, sub-personalities. Something Carl Young and other psychologists have recognised.

Shamanism can alongside other techniques help to clear away parts that actually aren’t ‘us’ things that others have placed upon us. We can reconnect in healthy and safe ways with parts of ourselves that perhaps we’ve demonised or sent away as a result of trauma, abuse, or because our younger self was desperate to fit in somewhere, be loved and accepted. If we want to feel a sense of wholeness, to make the most of our potential then all those parts of our true self are going to play a role in creating a fulfilling life. This may involve soul or power retrieval work, disentangling from ideas, behaviours, and beliefs that are not yours but have been embedded into your psyche by other people or situations. Taking the power out of the stories that you tell yourself that don’t serve you and replacing them with stories and beliefs that will empower you.

Energy medicine completes the circle, working with energy techniques such as Reiki, Crystals, Sound, EFT we can do two things: One is to prepare and support your energy system for change, and two help you to integrate positive changes at a deep and profound level, the level of your energy and spirit.

Energy work can also help you to fully release those aspects of you, that are not you or not who you choose to be, to purify and clear out the old stuff and create space for the new.

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Client Testimonials

“Tina started by understanding what my problem was and what I wanted to achieve.  A great listener, she inspired confidence, put me at my ease and got to the heart of my issue. She then skilfully wove everything into a self-hypnosis mp3, which I listened to for weeks. Her soothing voice helped me drift off to sleep at night. It also helped me achieve my goals in a way no mass-produced CD ever could. Her approach is tailored haute couture therapy that fits like a glove and delivers more than you’d imagine. I discovered it wasn’t just my writing flowing better It was my life. Thanks to Tina I was becoming more relaxed, confident and authentic. I was beginning to feel a greater sense of ease at work. My relationship with my partner – already good – was deepening. And I began developing a new closeness with my friends as my fun side came out to play.”


“I would be happy to recommend this service to others as it has been very insightful and helpful, I have found it very beneficial. I have learned so much during the four sessions, knowing that elephant and wolf are close gives me confidence and I do feel more confident, going to the party without looking for an excuse not to go is a huge improvement, and speaking to my Manager because what I have to say is important is again something new for me. Since the session about never having children, it has really helped me to recognise what I have achieved and that I am not a failure because I did not have a family of my own. I found the work between sessions really useful, I think my favourite was making a healing perfume for me to help build my confidence. I have purchased a diffuser necklace and wear my perfume every day. It has made me so much more aware of using crystals with aromatherapy and how I can use this in my practice.”


“Since starting this journey with you, I no longer feel that I am being held back by things beyond my influence. Not knowing what to expect, it was eye-opening to discover that I had become detached from my inner me, the part that brings joy, curiosity, is openly loving, and brings higher vibrations to my life. Within your safe and compassionate sphere of influence, you have helped me understand that I am equally important to others and it is not selfish to focus on myself.

I have my voice back. I notice that more people around me are opening up and talking. I no longer feel I am being invasive by expressing my curiosity. I am being introduced to wonderful sources of information including one which links in with my current novel, career, and world location . . . I did not see that one coming. I would highly recommend this service to others.”


IGCT Approved Therapy & Coaching
NCH Accredited Therapy
CNHC Registered Therapist

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