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Create Your Own Crystal Bracelet


A Hand-Made Customised Crystal Bracelet with Toggle Clasp, using 4mm and 6mm Semi-Precious Crystals available in Copper, Sterling Silver or Gold-Filled.

Create A Customised Ring and Pendant to match.

Customised Crystal Jewellery

Create the perfect crystal synergy with this Customized Crystal Bracelet with Toggle Clasp. Choose between 24k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver and Copper with up to 2 different crystals using alternating between 4mm and 6mm beads for a more delicate look.

Images are provided as an example of the bracelet's style.

If you have completed the chakra quiz and would like me to select beads based on your results, please select 'Chakra Quiz' in each of the bead options. Or if you'd like help deciding on the best crystal beads for you or the person you are buying for just send me a message and I'll be happy to help. If you have arranged your bead choices with me privately then just select the 'Custom' bead option.

Create A Customised Ring and Pendant to match.

Additional information

Wrist Size

18cm, 20cm, 22cm

Bead Option 1

Custom, Chakra Quiz, Amazonite 6mm, Amethyst 6mm, Aventurine Green 6mm, Bloodstone 6mm, Blue Chalcedony 6mm, Blue Agate 6mm, Carnelian 6mm, Charoite 6mm, Chrysocolla 6mm, Citrine 6mm, Fire Agate 6mm, Fluorite 6mm, Garnet 6mm, Golden Rutile Quartz 6mm, Green Garnet 6mm, Hematite 6mm, Iolite 6mm, Jet 6mm, Labradorite 6mm, Lapis Lazuli 6mm, Lava 6mm, Lepidolite 6mm, Malachite 6mm, Mystic Merlinite 6mm, Ocean Jasper 6mm, Onyx 6mm, Peridot 6mm, Petrified Wood Agate 6mm, Rainbow Obsidian 6mm, Red Jasper 6mm, Rhodochrosite 6mm, Rhodonite 6mm, Rose Quartz 6mm, Selenite 6mm, Seraphinite 6mm, Smokey Quartz 6mm, Sodalite 6mm, Sunstone 6mm, Tiger Eye 6mm, Tourmalined Quartz 6mm, Turquoise 6mm, White Moonstone 6mm

Bead Option 2

None, Custom, Chakra Quiz, Amazonite 4mm, Amethyst 4mm, Aquamarine 4mm, Aventurine Green 4mm, Azurite 4mm, Bloodstone 4mm, Blue Lace Agate 4mm, Carnelian 4mm, Charoite 4mm, Citrine 4mm, Fire Agate 4mm, Fluorite 4mm, Garnet 4mm, Golden Rutile Quartz 4mm, Green Garnet 4mm, Hematite 4mm, Iolite 4mm, Jet 4mm, Labradorite 4mm, Lapis Lazuli 4mm, Lepidolite 4mm, Malachite 4mm, Morganite 4mm, Onyx 4mm, Peridot (3 – 4 mm), Rainbow Moonstone 4mm, Red Jasper 4mm, Rhodochrosite 4mm, Rhodonite 4mm, Rose Quartz 4mm, Seraphinite 4mm, Smokey Quartz 4mm, Sodalite 4mm, Sunstone 4mm, Tiger Eye 4mm, Turquoise 4mm


Copper, Sterling Silver, Gold Filled

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