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Caring for your hand-made Jewellery

To physically clean your crystal jewellery or pendulum, use a soft cloth such as a glasses cleaning cloth. Gently rub the crystal and wires. The wires are soft wires and will bend or move if you are too rigorous go in the direction of the weave. These are handmade pieces and will not be as robust as a manufactured piece of jewellery. A cleaning cloth designed to remove tarnish but without added polish is also recommended. Keeping your piece in the box when you are not wearing it will help prevent tarnishing.

Energetically clearing your crystal can be done simply using sound, such as a tuning folk, drum, rattle, Tibetan Bells or singing bowls. This is a quick and highly effective method of resetting the resonance of your crystals. Crystals are not as easily upset as people in new age circles may suggest. They are amongst the best beings in this universe for maintaining their own harmony and balance, this is why they are so effective as healing tools. It takes quite a significant or recurring discharge of chaotic or negative energy to offset a crystal.

If you practice Reiki, then you can also use the energies of CKR and/or TDKM or the Focus Kotodama to cleanse and balance the crystal. Cleaning and clearing the crystal is recommended after initial purchase.

Some stones are soft stones and will crumble or dissolve in water so always remove your crystal jewellery before immersing yourself or your hands if wearing rings in water. Light contact with water should be fine.

Some stones will fade in direct sunlight, therefore charging under a full moon with protection from the rain is a more ideal method of charging your crystals.

Reiki energy is an excellent way to charge your stones and crystal pendulums or jewellery. Just cup the item in your hands and let the energy flow to the crystal.

I hope you enjoy your jewellery.

Tina x


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