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Available Tuesday – Saturday

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Discover Dowsing


What will you learn?

What is Dowsing?

What can Dowsing be used for?

Why the Pendulum?

Intuition and Dowsing


The Importance of Intention & Clear Questions

The Eight-Step System

How to choose a Pendulum

How to program the basic response codes

What we can use these response codes for.

A Practical Exercise Using These Basic Response Codes.

Dowsing Charts

  • What are they?
  • Why are they useful?
  • How to use them
  • How to make your own

Several charts are provided in the workshop.

Practical Exercise! Dowsing the State of the Chakras

  • For yourself
  • For someone else

Maps and Triangulation

  • Locating something
  • Identifying crystal placements
  • Identifying areas of the body that need healing

How to test your results and work safely and confidently with your pendulum.

The Workshop

The workshop will focus on the practical use of your pendulum, with plenty of opportunities to gain experience and ask questions. At least two weeks before your workshop, you’ll have access to the online materials and study modules that provide all the theoretical information, printable charts, and guides to review before the workshop. We will briefly recap the theory and basic processes, but the focus will be on the practical exercises. You’ll also receive a special discount code if you want to purchase one of my handcrafted, Reiki-infused Pendulums.