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Discover Your Power Animal

An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Discover Your Power Animal

A half-day workshop introduces you to one of the most valuable skills I’ve discovered in the last decade – The Shamanic Journey.

The shamanic Journey involves entering a light trance state using the beat of the drum, where we then allow our consciousness to travel to different shamanic worlds to receive insight, wisdom, and healing and bring that back to this world for the benefit of ourselves and others.

The Shamanic Worlds are spiritual realms that provide immense wisdom, knowledge, and healing. Through these realms, you can connect with numerous powerful, compassionate, and wise beings that support you in your healing and offer guidance along your path. The first and most important of these beings is the Power Animal.

Your Power Animal will guide you through the Shamanic Realms and be your most reliable and constant companion for life. To know that you have this immensely wise and compassionate being by your side and on your side brings a deep sense of connection, love, hope, and security.

Suppose you would like access to healing and guidance. Or you love working with plants, stones, or animals as part of your spiritual or healing Journey. Perhaps you would love to find a safe place to meditate free from the energetic noise of this ordinary world; then this workshop is for you.

You may have already discovered your Power Animal but haven’t done much to develop the relationship you have with them, or maybe you’d like to learn more ways to work with your Power Animal. If so, this workshop will help you develop that relationship and confidence in journeying with your Power Animal.

Everyone can carry out a Shamanic Journey; it’s just a question of learning how and this workshop offers you a grounded, safe approach to journeying and working with your Power Animal.

Attendees receive a PDF Booklet explaining Shamanism, the different realms and the work you can do with your Power Animal, plus a free 15-minute drumming track and ideas for future journeys you can carry out with your Power Animal.

The workshop will be practical, and you’ll carry out two to three Shamanic Journeys. First, we’ll carry out a simple journey to get familiar with the steps to any journey you might do. Then we will Journey to meet your Power Animal and retrieve your Power Animal. We may also carry out a healing journey with your Power Animal.

There will be time to explore the messages from your journeys and ask questions throughout the workshop.