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Spring ~ Air Element

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery

Spring Air Collection

All the crystal jewellery in this collection have a connection with the Air Element.

The Air Element is associated with the Spring months, and the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

The Air Element is a time of new beginnings, new growth and the opportunity to begin putting plans into action.

Air is the element of fresh new energy, a time to spring clean any area of your life that needs it. When we clear out what we don’t need to hold onto we create space for new energy, new ideas and opportunities.

The Zodiac Air Signs




Jewellery Designs inspired by Oxana Crafts and Lily Tree with much appreciation for their work.

The Air Element associations are:

Ideas, Thinking, Insight, Innovation, Planning, Concepts, Movement, Growth.

When we have a balanced Air Element, we experience more grace, a lively intuitive mind, we are sociable and fair-minded. We are open, honest and clear in our communication. We are open to new ideas and inspiration and creativity flows easily.

Depleted Air can show as stagnation, lack of ideas or perception. Difficulties in making yourself understood. We can become irrational or slow to function. We may become more isolated and introverted. Fatigue may also be present when air is depleted.

Excessive Air can create feelings of restlessness, nervous and anxious energy. It can contribute to ungrounded feelings, being detached and unstable. Excessive ideas without the ability to focus on any of them. Communication can become unclear and speech rapid.

Themed Jewellery


The Summer Collection

The Summer Element encourages Action and Manifestation. Associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

The Autumn Collection

The Water Element encourages reflection, gratitude and letting go. Associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras

The Winter Collection

The Earth Element encourages healthy boundaries, security and stillness. Associated with the Root and Earth Star Chakras

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