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Summer ~ Fire Element

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery

Summer Fire Collection

All the crystal jewellery in this collection have a connection with the Fire Element.

The fire element is associated with the Summer months, and the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

The Fire Element stimulates action and creation. It provides the ability to burn away what we no longer need, whether that’s beliefs, behaviours, attachments or something else.

The Phoenix is associated with the fire element because of its ability to generate renewal through burning and being reborn from the ashes.

The Zodiac Fire Signs




The Fire Element associations are:

Creativity, Life-force, Intuition, Optimism, Transmutation, Insight, Intelligence, Heat, Fruit and Seeds.

When we have a balanced Fire Element, we experience appropriate states of joy and passion, optimism, spontaneity and inspiration. We are able to take action to bring our life goals and dreams to fruition. A balanced Fire Element can allow us to feel greater confidence and assert ourselves when necessary.

Depleted Fire can show itself as a lack of drive and inspiration. Poor digestion and feelings of coldness. Sometimes a low resistance to infection. The ultimate suppressed fire element may show itself as depression.

Excessive fire can stir feelings of inappropriate anger, irritation, aggression, excessive inappropriate levels of joy or over-enthusiasm, and can lead to burning out or having a string of incomplete projects.

Themed Jewellery


The Spring Collection

The Air Element encourages new beginnings, fresh ideas and plans. Associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

The Autumn Collection

The Water Element encourages reflection, gratitude and letting go. Associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras

The Winter Collection

The Earth Element encourages healthy boundaries, security and stillness. Associated with the Root and Earth Star Chakras

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