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What is Reiki? What Are The Benefits of Reiki?

About Reiki

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Reduce Stress and Increase Well-Being

Promote Self Awareness and Intuition

Enhance Your Spiritual Life

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing method developed by a man named Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. The word Reiki is commonly translated as Universal Energy; however, this translation only relates to the second syllable Ki. This is because Rei means spiritual, and Ki means energy. Therefore, a more direct translation would be Spiritual Energy. In Japan, there will be different translations of one word depending on the context with which it is used. The Reiki Symbol is formed from Japanese Kanji made up of two parts that represent the two syllables: Rei Ki.

In modern terms, Reiki is a complementary therapy that works with ki (chi) energy to bring about a state of balance and harmony within an individual’s energy system. You might liken it to treatments such as Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Reflexology. BUT! It is so much more than a treatment system, and you certainly don’t have to want to become a Reiki Practitioner to obtain great personal and spiritual benefit from practising Reiki or receiving Reiki treatments.

The Reiki Symbol

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is possibly my favourite healing modality. I love all the work I do and know it is incredibly valuable at the right time for the right person. However, Reiki is something that everyone can benefit from all the time. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, yet this subtle energy is amongst the most powerful and profound systems for spiritual development and healing out there.

Reiki does for the soul what good nutrition does for the body. We spend far too much time rushing around, doing, and achieving and forget to refuel our energy and nourish our soul. Our energy is the foundation for everything else, the mind, body and emotions. So it is essential to remember to support our energy regularly, whether coming for monthly or seasonal treatments or training to work with Reiki for yourself.

The other tremendous benefit of Reiki is that it can nurture and support any other work, healing or medicine that might be part of your journey. Any type of therapist, carer, or those whose work involves looking after others, can really benefit from learning to work with Reiki. Reiki will complement the work you do, support your energy, and help prevent feelings of burnout by keeping your energy well-balanced and clean.

There are only a few systems that enable students to focus on themselves as well as others and Reiki is one of them. In fact, working on yourself was the primary purpose of the original system.

Reiki Treatment Addons

Reiki naturally supports and enhances other therapeutic or healing treatments; this is why I offer Reiki treatment add-ons. These give another layer to the healing effect of Reiki.

Crystals can be used to support the healing of specific areas within your energy system.

Shamanic Healing offers us deeper insight from wise and compassionate guides and direct healing from the work they do with us. The drum’s vibration also adds a layer of healing, helping to bring the vibrations of your energy into balance.

Hypnosis as your add-on means we can work with the unconscious mind alongside the energy work we do. Most of the issues we struggle to resolve come from the unconscious, the part of the mind we are unaware of. This is why it is hard to address ourselves.

The ultimate goal of Reiki is to help us recognise who we truly are, a bright and beautiful soul.

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