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Authentic Japanese Online Reiki Courses

Interactive Online Reiki Courses

Online Reiki Course Trainer Tina Shaw

A Unique Approach To Online Reiki Courses

IGCT Accredited Online Reiki Courses

A method of Online Reiki Training that solves the most common modern-day challenges that students face when learning Reiki.

Integration is a vital part of learning Reiki, attending a course is only the beginning of your Reiki journey, success depends on whether or not you are able to build Reiki into your already busy life.

Students who manage to integrate their daily Reiki exercises into their life report significant benefits to their personal and professional practice compared with times when they don’t.


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If you would like to be the first to receive an invite to this new method of training, coming in the Spring of this year, Register today and receive a special discount when you book.

What’s different about this method?

Well normally, you attend a one or two-day intensive training workshop. Then normal life begins again on Monday and suddenly you are expected to find time to do your energy exercises on top of walking the dogs, getting the kids ready for school, and hoping you don’t arrive at work with your shirt on back to front.

This method starts with integration in mind. Providing a flexible online system that requires just 20 minutes a day to learn and integrate your Reiki practice. It has in place fail-safes for when the dog disappears chasing the deer or one of your kids keep you up all night. It’s integration with good time management built-in.

AND… you choose when that 20 minutes happens so you can really plan for success. You will continue to use that 20 minutes to carry out your Reiki exercises long after your training program is complete, hence built-in integration.

Not only that but did you know that your brain, as amazing as it is, is not designed to absorb days worth of information in one hit, but actually the optimum learning time is 20 minutes for most people? So as useful and convenient as the workshop-style training systems are, they’re far from ideal.

It gets better!

You’ll have lifetime access to all your course content and any updates to that content. So you will always be able to go back over any areas you feel you need to revise at a time that is convenient for you.

The online aspect of this training is entirely flexible so no matter your lifestyle or location you can achieve the best results.

But, it’s important that you have real face to face interaction with your teacher. This is not one of those online training programs where you just watch videos, read stuff, send emails to some faceless individual, and hope for the best. In addition to the online program, you will have the opportunity to attend Zoom Meditation evenings, hosted by me and with time for questions and discussions. You will also have the opportunity to attend Zoom or in-person Reiki Shares to practice working with other people. All of this is included as part of your basic package.

The basic package gives you a complete and well-rounded training in Reiki to any level you choose to go and comes with all the same post-course support that my students attending live workshops have.

In addition to the basic package, you can really create the training opportunities that best suit you as an individual by expanding existing skills or learning about new concepts by attending additional workshops on Zoom or in-person available throughout the year.

I really believe this is a positive way forward in Reiki Training and I’m hugely excited about it. It brings a touch of authenticity to the training too, mirroring the style of training more likely to be received by Usui’s students.

Register Today

If you would like to be the first to receive an invite to this new method of training, coming in the Spring of this year, Register today and receive a special discount when you book.

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