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Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki Healer Tina Shaw

Reiki Healing Treatments Greater London and On Zoom

The Benefits of Reiki Healing Treatments


Manage Stress, Anxiety and Pain


Provide support during bereavement or difficult times


Recovery from illness, injury or surgery


Improve your sleep, immune function and overall well-being


Balance Your Chakras & Clear and Boost Your Aura


Harmonise the flow of energy through your meridians


Supports Detoxification


Support for a range of other physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters.

Promoting Better Health Since 2001

Reiki is one of the safest complementary therapies out there.

It works by promoting your natural healing abilities. It is non-invasive and suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender, beliefs and health. It is even safe for pregnant women.

You will remain fully clothed (except shoes) throughout the process, and no contact is made to the face, throat, chest (with women) or genitals. If preferred, Reiki can be a completely hands-off therapy, and you will have the option.

Reiki Healing Sessions

I offer both in-person and virtual Reiki Healing Sessions. Each session lasts for one hour, including some time to chat and ask any questions.

You can leave your world behind and come along to my tranquil venue hidden away in Loughton but still close to London and local transport links, the M25, M11 and A406, with Free Street Parking available outside.

For those who prefer the comfort of their own home, have limited mobility, or perhaps want to benefit from my 20 plus years of experience but don’t live locally, we can organise remote Reiki Healing sessions using Zoom.

Reiki transcends time and space, so whether you opt for in-person or virtual sessions, you can access the benefits of this beautiful Japanese healing art.

Choose From A Range Of Reiki Healing Options!

A Single Reiki Treatment

Enjoy a single healing session to help you relax, unwind and experience inner peace and well-being.

I recommend this for those who are a little curious or perhaps looking to give themselves a little TLC.


Three Reiki Treatments

For deeper, more profound healing benefits and more long-lasting effects.

I recommend this for anyone with specific healing requirements, such as recovering from illness, surgery, or needing healing for emotional or psychological issues.

£135 (£45 per session)

Seasonal Subscription

I recommend this for those who have completed a series of Reiki Treatments and wish to maintain optimum well-being throughout the year. Four Reiki Healing Sessions each year, one for each season.

Get a bonus gift voucher worth £10 with each renewal.

£180 Yearly (£45 per session)

Free Phone Consultation!

If you're unsure what service or course is best for you or have any questions. Arrange a free phone consultation today, and we can determine what would best suit your unique needs and goals.

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

For the treatment itself, you will lie down and close your eyes (you can peak if you wish). Next, I will take a moment to connect with you and get a sense of your energy and any areas that may need more attention during the session. Then I will place my hands on or near you and act as a conduit for Reiki to flow to you. The treatment will last about 40 minutes.

You will have about 10 minutes on either side of your treatment to ask questions and discuss any experiences.

After the session, you will be encouraged to drink water, rest and avoid alcohol. Although you should be safe to drive after your treatment, sometimes, people feel a bit spaced out, and I would advise you to take a brief walk before you go.


You should always seek medical advice if you have any health concerns. A Reiki practitioner is not able to diagnose conditions or offer medical advice. Unless your GP or other appropriate medical professional suggests otherwise, you could continue with all medical treatments.

Reiki Healing – Client Testimonials

“I had a Reiki healing treatment with Tina and I feel brand new.

I presented her with my frazzled, exhausted body and she gave me back my ‘self’, reset and renewed. After that I’ve realised that I need to incorporate regular sessions into my life. Thank you Tina. See you again soon.”


“It felt like I was in your therapy room but in my home at the same time!!

The amazing part was how strongly I could feel the different energies and somehow your presence as you worked around my body.

By the end of the session, the overriding theme was one of tremendous release of stress and blockages, and I felt much calmer and stronger.

It was fantastic!!”


“It has been a lovely experience as always.

I felt a little confused and emotional at the beginning, then relaxed and sleepy. I saw many different colours: purple, pink, blue and some yellow. Thank you for your time, very much appreciated.”


Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery by Tina Shaw and Gift Vouchers for All Services Offered.

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