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An Experienced Therapist Working for Spiritual People

Inner Alchemy Therapy

Therapist and Coach Tina Shaw

Psychospiritual Therapy and Coaching in Loughton and on Zoom

Absolute Reiki provides a therapy and coaching program that is research-driven, effective and combines mainstream psychological and ancient spiritual approaches for long term success.

Inner Alchemy Therapy is a series of sessions designed to help you transform your life in significant ways. I use modern therapy and coaching combined with ancient wisdom and spiritual practices to give you a truly holistic experience.

I pull together all my experience, knowledge, and training to create a journey that will help you move through blockages, limiting beliefs and outdated stories, deal with past traumas, and anything else that gets in the way of you connecting with your true self and greatest potential. We can work with ancient practices such as soul or power retrieval, removing energies that are not yours, including beliefs that have been embedded for a long time and work with any inner child parts that need healing. All the work is supported using hypnosis.

So, if you feel that you have yet to reach your potential, that you have challenges that seriously hold you back in life, that stop you from achieving your dreams or get in the way of living a rewarding and happy life, this journey is for you.

Inner Alchemy A Journey of Personal Transformation

A package of six one and half hour sessions for £480 (£80 per session) followed by a free one hour follow up session worth £50.

You can spread the cost with two instalment options: Twelve instalments of £40 paid weekly or Three instalments of £160 paid monthly.

Once you’ve booked your package, your journey begins by completing a questionnaire; this helps us save time by giving me a good understanding of what you would like help with and what you would like to achieve during our work together.

If you would like to chat with me before you book, please use the free 30-minute phone consultation. I’d be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions. I want you to feel confident in your investment and for us both to have a clear understanding of how we can achieve the best results in the time we have.

We will then carry out six sessions spaced roughly two weeks apart. This means you have a chance to live your life and see the impact of the work done in each session. In addition, you will receive tasks to complete between sessions. These are essential tasks designed to support our work and bring benefits into your everyday life. You’ll also receive a tailor-made self-hypnosis mp3 intended to support your journey throughout the six sessions.

Each session will be divided up into three sections:

  1. A brief discussion about how you are that day and anything you’ve noticed since we last spoke. Depending on your needs, I will then carry out a therapeutic intervention or some coaching.
  2. A supportive healing experience or a shamanic journey will follow based on the therapy or coaching work we’ve just done.
  3. A chance to review the session and any information gleaned from the healing experience or shamanic journey, and then we may set a task or goal for you to complete between sessions.

Once the six sessions are complete, a free follow up one-hour session will be booked, approximately one month from the last session. This gives you plenty of time to feel the longer-term effects of the work we’ve done so that we can know the results are lasting. In addition, the session allows us to review your experience since your last session, followed by an experience designed to help cement our work together or, if needed, additional work to smooth out any issues still present since our last session.

Most people find that six sessions are enough to get them on their way to success. However, I cannot guarantee this because much depends on the severity of the issue you wish to resolve, plus the level of engagement you apply to the sessions and your work between sessions. By the fourth session in the series, we should have a good idea of whether we are on track or perhaps that some further sessions may benefit. I will always work toward your success at the right pace for you. If we feel you require additional sessions beyond the 6-session package, these will be at a discounted rate of £70 per session.

You can spread the cost with two instalment options: Twelve instalments of £40 paid weekly or Three instalments of £160 paid monthly.

"The Biggest Adventure You Can Take Is To Live The Life Of Your Dreams." Oprah Winfrey.

We are entering a time where many long for deeper purpose and meaning in their lives, the opportunity to understand their potential and be confident and secure in bringing their light into the world. And frankly, we need people like that now, more than ever before. I believe that the best chance our world has for survival is for empowered individuals to rise and take their true place in the world, as Bill Plotkin, in his book Soul Craft so eloquently suggests:


I work with a range of complementary therapies, including Energy Medicine, Positive Psychology, Therapeutic Shamanism, Parts Therapy, Hypnotic Language, NLP, EFT, and Eye Movement Integration, to help create an experience designed for you. But what I offer is more than just a random range of techniques. My skill is in understanding the patterns within your mind, body, and energy system, together with your life history, to determine precisely what synergy of approaches, techniques, and support would empower the most significant results for you in the most appropriate time frame.

Confidence|Self-Esteem|Stress|Manage Pain|Bereavement|Anxiety|Depression|Trauma|Addiction|Self-Sabotage|IBS|Child Abuse|Panic Attacks|Public Speaking|Life Coaching|Finding Purpose|Authenticity|Healing|Soulful Living

It’s human nature to apply simple, universal labels to describe our challenges and goals. However, a label can mean something entirely different to each person that uses it. I listed some of the more common issues I work with as a rough guide, but we will look beyond any labels to what’s behind them when we work together.

The work I do with you will be as individual as you are. It’s no good seeing a therapist or coach that wants you to fit neatly into their approach or way of seeing life. It’s got to be about you, and you are unique. 

I’m here to create something that feels truly right for you.

Are You Ready To Create Change?

As the old maxim states, every journey begins with a single step!

Once you have booked your package, you receive a link to the pre-journey questionnaire. Please complete this and submit it. I will go through it and then provide you with a link to book your six sessions.

If you need help with your questionnaire or have any questions, you’ll be able to contact me by phone or email.

Take The Well-Being Quiz

This series of questions can help you periodically self-assess your overall well-being. This includes assessing your levels of Anxiety, Depression and Wellness.

All my clients complete this form throughout our work together to monitor our progress and adapt accordingly.

Free Phone Consultation!

If you're unsure what service or course is best for you or have any questions. Arrange a free phone consultation today, and we can determine what would best suit your unique needs and goals.

Therapy & Coaching Client Testimonials

“Tina started by understanding what my problem was and what I wanted to achieve.  A great listener, she inspired confidence, put me at my ease and got to the heart of my issue. She then skilfully wove everything into a self-hypnosis mp3, which I listened to for weeks. Her soothing voice helped me drift off to sleep at night. It also helped me achieve my goals in a way no mass-produced CD ever could. Her approach is tailored haute couture therapy that fits like a glove and delivers more than you’d imagine. I discovered it wasn’t just my writing flowing better It was my life. Thanks to Tina I was becoming more relaxed, confident and authentic. I was beginning to feel a greater sense of ease at work. My relationship with my partner – already good – was deepening. And I began developing a new closeness with my friends as my fun side came out to play.”


“Since starting this journey with you, I no longer feel that I am being held back by things beyond my influence. Not knowing what to expect, it was eye-opening to discover that I had become detached from my inner me, the part that brings joy, curiosity, is openly loving, and brings higher vibrations to my life. Within your safe and compassionate sphere of influence, you have helped me understand that I am equally important to others and it is not selfish to focus on myself.

I have my voice back. I notice that more people around me are opening up and talking. I no longer feel I am being invasive by expressing my curiosity. I am being introduced to wonderful sources of information including one which links in with my current novel, career, and world location . . . I did not see that one coming. I would highly recommend this service to others.”


“The benefits I had after the therapy are invaluable. I was able to use the downloads every time I felt the need to help with my pain. I thought that I had dealt with my problems, but it was only apparent after my therapy that they are now well and truly gone. I felt that the standard of service and care provided by Tina was excellent. The after care and contact is very helpful so you know that you can always count on Tina who is very open and approachable.”


IGCT Approved Therapy & Coaching
National Council of Hypnotherapy - Certified Therapist
CNHC Registered Therapist

Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery by Tina Shaw and Gift Vouchers for All Services Offered.

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