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A Unique Advanced Five Element Reiki Course

Five Elements Reiki Practitioner Course


Five Elements Reiki Master Teacher Tina Shaw

Accredited Five Elements Reiki Practitioner Training

Extend Your Skills and Deepen Your Knowledge of the Energy System

Before Your Course Begins:

You need to have completed the Second Degree Reiki Training or higher to attend this course.

You’ll have immediate access to comprehensive digital materials including:

  • The Five Elements Manual
  • The Five Elements Workbook
  • The Five Elements Guided Meditation
  • The Five Elements Dowsing
  • The Five Elements Records Charts
  • The Five Elements Correspondence Chart

All materials for this course are digital.

During Your Training:

  • A basic knowledge of TCM, and Five Element Theory in particular
  • Learn to work with the Five Element Energies and their symbols
  • Learn how to detect elemental imbalances within themselves and others using dowsing & creative visualization
  • Learn Five Element Self Healing Techniques
  • Learn how to balance and treat the five elements in others
  • Learn to work with the Five Element Organ Pairs
  • Receive a Certificate upon completion of the course and four case studies

After Your Course:

You will receive full access to the Student Support Files

You will be invited to join the Absolute Reiki Private Student Support Group

You will be given details of how to integrate your learning into your life

You will be given details of the next steps if you wish to take your training further

You will have access to student support, by email, phone, and in person.

Student Support includes:

  • One to One support with me
  • Access to a Zoom meditation event once a month
  • Priority booking for Reiki Shares on Zoom or in Loughton
  • The ability to receive regular remote Reiki and Reiju Blessings
IGCT Five Elements Approved Trainer

Five Element Course Dates

Saturday the 3rd, 10th, 24th, & 31th May 2025

Each module starts at 9.30 am and finishes at 1 pm

Course Fee £380

I am often blown away by the accuracy of the observations and correspondences of the five elements system. I would love to be able to share this ancient wisdom with you.

Interactive Online Reiki Training

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Student Testimonials

“I would just like to say thank you to Tina, for such a wonderful experience, and for making me feel relaxed and comfortable ready for my training. It was a wonderful feeling and worth the training, plus from booking through to the actual course, nothing was hard everything was done really well I will be back for the next course.”


“Tina Shaw is an excellent trainer, with a wonderful large, warm studio in which she has created a very lovely atmosphere ideal for Reiki training. She is the ideal Reiki teacher putting her students very much at their ease, she has a lot of patience, which she needed with me, is easy to talk to, answers questions honestly. She is passionate about Reiki and the Five Elements Reiki, I thoroughly enjoyed the day.”


“Tina was very welcoming and friendly and put you at your ease. She has a clear and uncluttered way of presenting the material so it is easy to take in. Tina is open and welcomes questions so you don’t feel stupid if you have to ask her to repeat or clarify something. Tina gave you the space and attention to develop at your own pace. I really enjoyed the focus on the experiential – and Tina guided us patiently through the exercises.”


Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

Hand-Crafted Crystal Jewellery by Tina Shaw and Gift Vouchers for All Services Offered.

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