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What is Life Coaching? Why Work with an NLP Life Coach?

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What is NLP Life Coaching?

In a nutshell, life coaching is a way of achieving your desired goals or projects with the support of a mentor.

A life coach can help you get clear on the vision for your project or goal,  establish actionable steps to take towards achieving that goal or project, manage potential obstacles, plan for the unexpected and find rewarding ways to keep you motivated.

My aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to self-coach in the future. That your motivation doesn’t just come from paying for my time and being accountable to me.

A Strong Foundation for Success

We don’t just look at your specific project or goal; we consider all areas of your life: Work, relationships, social life, family life, hobbies and interests, learning strategies, health and fitness, your spiritual life, your values and beliefs, your relationship with money, your relationship with time, your sense of purpose.

The balance in your life is crucial to your life’s success, which includes the success of your project or goal. For example, how well do you think you’ll do if your health is so poor you don’t have the energy after your days work to focus on your project? So, part of the work we do will be to create strategies to bring your life into a place of balance. This provides a strong foundation and framework to succeed with any project or goal.

NLP Life Coaching Essex

The Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel comes from Shamanic practices. It is a model representing the different seasons, but not just in terms of the weather. Every aspect of our lives has a season, a cycle. Spring: The idea, Summer: the application of an idea, Autumn: being able to sustain the development of the concept, Winter: the manifestation of the plan. This is just one example of many. The medicine wheel gives us a way to understand what needs to happen next to maintain our project’s flow and prevent us from getting stuck or bogged down. We can identify what elements of the wheel we tend to thrive in, what parts we tend to get stuck in, and how to address that and maintain a healthy flow.

Therapeutic Intervention

Then, of course, we all have niggling fears and limiting beliefs that can get in the way of the best strategies and plans. This is one of the benefits of working with a life coach who is also a trained therapist; my coaching program can switch gears to help you break through those limiting ideas and beliefs by utilising the therapeutic work that I can offer.

Managing the unexpected

If we have balance in our lives, and we have good strategies; this should include a plan for when things take a steeply unexpected turn. Unfortunately, it happens; we can’t control all of life’s moments. This coaching model includes strategies for these sorts of events. These strategies help you shift your thinking and your plan to cope, ease the inevitable stress as far as possible and come back swinging when the time is right.

Why work with an NLP Life Coach?

It feels great to know someone is there to support and encourage you as you reach for your dream life. I believe people can achieve more than they think they can. With the right foundations, sound strategies and a little therapy, we can really surprise ourselves in what’s actually possible. I use this stuff myself every day and with fantastic success. You’ll learn a framework that can be applied to any project or goal you may have now or in the future.

I remember the first time I worked with these principles and created my personal plan for a project. I had a year to complete it, and about 10 months in, suddenly, I felt lost, as if I had no focus or direction. I consulted my plan and realised I felt lost because I had achieved everything sooner than I thought and didn’t have the next thing in place. That was a beautiful surprise, and I soon got to work on my next project.

Investing in a life coach is one of the best investments you can make. It’s tough going it alone and you don’t have to. As a life coach, I’m here to support and encourage you. As with all my work, I’m there to gently guide you towards becoming your best self and achieving your potential. I’m not there to judge you or force you to work in ways that simply don’t fit who you are. My coaching package is really a course in living a rewarding and fulfilling life. My aim at the end of the year is that you’ll have everything you need to complete any project or goal you set for yourself in the future.

What does the package involve?

This is a one-year package, involving one coaching session in person or over zoom each month. Each package is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. However, there is a framework that allows you to build a strong foundation for the year. The first three sessions will be creating that foundation and beginning to build helpful habits that fit your unique strengths and goals. We will also use this time to assess any limiting beliefs and fears that could prevent your success long term.

The following nine sessions will be used to continually refine your way of reaching your goals as efficiently as possible. Discovering how to enter effortless flow states and getting rid of any of the limiting beliefs and fears we identified during the three set-up sessions. This will include getting to know your own strengths and weakness and how to manage your goals accordingly. Plus a look at lifestyle patterns and habits that need to be addressed. By the end of the year, you will have your own signature success formula that can be applied to any area of your life.

Who Can Benefit From This Life Coaching Package?


Whether you are taking your first steps into running your own business, or you want help getting your next project off the ground, you can benefit from this package. It’s tough running your own business, even without the highly competitive market, competing with our own inner demons, life-demands are just the tip of the problems and challenges we face. Learn strategies and tools that will serve you and your business for life.

No sense of meaning or purpose?

You don’t have to have a project or goal in mind to benefit from this package. If you are bored with life, aren’t looking forward to your future and would like to live a more meaningful and rewarding life, this is for you. Together we’ll find that purpose that will fuel your spirit and put a bounce back in your step.

The Secret Dream

Many of us have a little dream project floating in the background. Maybe not so little, but either way, you can make it a reality. No, you don’t have to quit your job or have lots of spare time or money. If you got time to look at Facebook or Instagram, watch a tv show each night or read that novel you can benefit from this package and make that dream a reality.

Fair Warning!

Living a meaningful and rewarding life takes courage and the willingness to step outside of the crowd and your comfort zones.


Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

When you invest in yourself, you are performing a selfless, even generous act. When your life improves, your health improves, your business benefits, your loved ones benefit and you inspire others to achieve their best life.

Save £60 when you pay in full.


Would you prefer to spread the costs over the first 10 months? Use this link to set up your monthly subscription payments of £96 per month. A total payment of £960.

Many life coaches will charge £1000’s for this sort of package. I don’t want to drain your funds or make this sort of service inaccessible. You’ve probably noticed most life coaches don’t advertise their price on their website, I’m sure you can guess why. I believe the world needs people like you, right now. You can make a difference by finding your unique genius and being of service to the world.

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