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The Reiki Precepts In Lockdown

by Mindfulness

Just for Today

Just for today is at the heart of the Reiki Precepts. Lockdown has been a lesson in learning to manage uncertainty. The hardest of all concepts for the human mind to grasp. We are in the second phase of this lockdown now, with vague guidance from our leaders means uncertainty still prevails. For some, it is clearer than others, elsewhere the confusion lies in the evidence to support just how safe it is to begin to connect with loved ones again, go back to work etc. Others face significant uncertainty regarding their future security, and some still face the risk of their ultimate survival. There is no doubt that uncertainty is one of the toughest challenges in life.

Just for today brings our focus back to the here and now, what it is we can do today. During times of uncertainty, it’s so important to connect with your inner guidance, sure it is wise to listen to what is being said by the ‘experts’ but trust yourself to take from that what feels deeply right to you and ignore the rest. Now is a time to reconnect with those gut instincts and intuitive feelings. Focusing on ‘just for today’ helps us feel more in control of our situation.

Reiki Precepts

Be Honest

If we take each day at a time, we can lay the foundations for a more secure, more knowable future. It is easy in times like this to sit in the space of denial. After all, we are going through a grieving process, a time of letting go of what was, what we thought might be and realising that life is changing, permanently. Grief is a healthy emotion if we allow ourselves to let go, move through it rather than getting stuck in one phase of grief, such as denial or bargaining. Being honest with yourself and others is so important right now. Facing the truth of what is happening to you, to the world around you, means you can begin to build a new future.

Do not Worry

Emotions are neither good nor bad, it is what we do with them that makes all the difference. Being honest about how you feel and the worries and concerns you may have at this time could help you. It is always essential to take action to help ourselves whenever we can. That doesn’t mean we have to be an island. Being honest about your concerns with others may provide the opportunity to gain new perspectives on your situation, maybe get more support than you thought was possible or available.

Do Not Anger

Anger is a natural emotion, one that is often frowned upon or taboo. This is a problem. Suppressing our anger, denying it or pretending everything is ok is no healthier than flying into a rage and trashing the neighbour’s car. Anger is designed to help us survive, motivate us to act. It is what has fuelled much positive change in the world throughout history. Anger helps us to rise up and demand justice, fairness, equality and defend the vulnerable. Look honestly at your feelings of anger should they come up and ask yourself, “In what way can I use that energy positively today?”

Be Humble

It has certainly been interesting to see how much reflection has happened over the past months. How much more we value some of our lowest paid and in some cases once less respected workers. Those who stock the supermarket shelves, deliver our essentials as well as our more luxury items—the men and women who clean our hospitals, our streets, and clear our rubbish for us. The NHS staff, Carers, Teachers, Emergency Service Providers and the list, goes on. All of whom have risked disease and death to help us get what we need. That is very humbling, and I thank each person who has done what they can to support their community at this time. I am deeply grateful for the immense benefit I have directly experienced as a result.

Be Kind

We have witnessed, incredible kindness as well as astonishing selfishness. Our Mother Earth has received inadvertent kindness. I think it is safe to say that throughout this period, people have been somewhat moved and uplifted by the kindness they have seen. It is going to be important moving forward that, that kindness continues. That we remember the difference, it makes to our world, whether that is making kinder choices for our environment or being kind to each other. It is also vital still to remember to be kind to yourself.

Just for today, it is ok to have a bad day, a good day, to feel happy or sad. Be kind to yourself and know that each day is an opportunity to learn and grow, make mistakes and have successes.

For more than today, I hope you stay well and safe.


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