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Empaths and Reiki: Managing the Gift of Sensitivity!

by Personal Development

Understanding Our Empathic Nature

Empaths can tune into the emotional states and physical sensations of those around us, sometimes feeling the residual emotions left in places where others have congregated. These empathic abilities range in intensity from person to person; for some, the lines blur between their emotional landscape and that of the individuals they encounter.

Reiki’s Role in Supporting Empathic Individuals

The implications can be disconcerting for profoundly empathic people who may not yet fully comprehend their empathic dispositions. We might experience mental turmoil, such as confusion, anxiety, or even depressive episodes. It is within this context that Reiki emerges as a source of support. Reiki is a profound tool that empowers us to understand and regulate our empathic traits. Here, through the gentle discipline of Reiki, we learn to acknowledge our empathic tendencies, to release the energies absorbed from others, and to modulate our sensitivity depending on our environment and inner needs.

empath healing

What are the characteristics of an empath?

Empaths are highly sensitive to others’ feelings and energies, with common traits including:

 1. Heightened Sensitivity: They are often more receptive to the emotions and energies around them.

 2. Empathetic Nature: They have a strong capacity for empathy, seeking to understand and comfort those in distress.

 3. Emotional Absorption: Empaths might internalize others’ emotions, requiring self-care to maintain emotional boundaries.

 4. Intuitive Awareness: Many empaths possess an innate ability to sense unspoken emotions and intentions.

 5. Boundary Sensitivity: Establishing and maintaining emotional boundaries is essential for empaths.

 6. Rejuvenation in Nature: Solitude, creative activities, or time in nature can help empaths recharge.

Being an empath is deeply personal, and not everyone exhibits these traits to the same extent. Learning to manage emotional boundaries and practising self-care is vital.

My first empathic experience made me question my sanity.

I shall never forget my first significant experience as an empath, although at the time, I was unaware of what was transpiring, and I genuinely believed I was losing my mind.

I was vacationing in Cyprus with my husband. We partook in one of those unfortunate package tours where one spends most of the time confined to a coach, interspersed with brief detours to explore various local attractions. We visited a Catholic church on one such stop and were ushered inside for a tour. As we returned to the coach, I experienced an overpowering tide of emotions. I refer to them in the plural because it felt as though it wasn’t a single sentiment but rather a multitude. Suddenly, I was weeping, consumed by heartbreak and grief, yet feelings of joy and delight were also present. Puzzling, isn’t it? My husband faced me, his expression one of utter dismay, and inquired, “What’s the matter?” I responded, “I don’t know.” His question, “How can you be this distressed without knowing the cause?” was undoubtedly legitimate. Unfortunately, I had no answer; the reason behind my sudden emotional onslaught was beyond my comprehension.

It took several months before I began piecing together the events that had unfolded. Churches are venues brimming with emotive moments—baptisms, weddings, funerals, and confessions. I was inadvertently attuning myself to these myriad sentiments from across time. Through Reiki, I gained awareness, and consequently, to this day, I steer clear of churches or places of similar emotional intensity; they proved to be my Achilles’ heel. Nevertheless, there are times when avoidance is impossible. I must attend weddings and, regretfully, funerals.

Now, thanks to my Reiki practices, I am adept at safeguarding my energy so that when I attend such ceremonies, I am confident that the emotions I experience are genuinely my own. I did not attain this ability overnight—it was the outcome of diligent practice, a clear vision, a sincere wish, and a firm resolve. These components were essential in empowering me to protect my well-being in this manner.

The impact of being empathic on overall well-being and mental health

Empathetic people can feel a lot of anxiety and depression if they can’t understand or get support for their feelings. Imagine feeling overwhelmed by emotions or pain for no apparent reason. This may lead to confusion, frustration, and worse mental health issues. I’m not saying being empathic causes these problems, but it can be a contributing factor or make things harder for anyone already dealing with stress and mental health issues.

Empaths can struggle with feelings of isolation. If they keep to themselves to avoid other people’s pain and emotions, they might start to prefer being alone, which could lead to depression and a loss of confidence in dealing with the outside world. Empaths might also turn to drugs and alcohol to try and lessen their experience of strong emotions, much like other people do to deal with pain.

These problems don’t happen to all empaths and are more likely if someone’s very sensitive, doesn’t understand their feelings, and doesn’t get support. Empaths who know a bit about their sensitivity but can’t control it may also experience stress and anxiety, feel down or opt for unhealthy ways to cope.

The Importance of Managing Our Energy

It’s also important to consider how being an empath affects our energy system. If, as empaths, we don’t learn to separate our feelings from other people’s feelings and experiences, the experiences of others start to impact our energy system in the same way as if those feelings and experiences were our own.

As empaths, we can easily get caught up in the emotions of others and start to lose our sense of identity. It can be challenging to distinguish between what genuinely belongs to us and what does not. Therefore, we need to pause and ask ourselves, “Is this me?” before we get entangled in certain emotions or experiences that do not reflect who we are. By simply asking ourselves this question and recognizing that these feelings or experiences are external to our being, we can reduce their intensity and distance ourselves from them.

One morning last year, I woke up feeling extraordinarily ungrounded and as if I was under the influence of drugs. The more I focused on my sensations, the more convinced I became that they mirrored the effects of being drugged. However, I was not the one who was on drugs; but my husband was. He had undergone back surgery and was on strong pain medication. When I asked him if he was experiencing the symptoms I felt, he confirmed it. Realizing this, I was able to distance myself from the empathic sensations. The symptoms disappeared as I implemented energetic shielding tactics, especially at night while sharing the same bed.

Maintaining healthy boundaries is crucial for individuals seeking a balanced and well-adjusted life. Empaths are no exception; We often struggle with setting boundaries. In such cases, the first step for any empath is to address this issue.

Empaths tend to prioritize others’ needs above their own, given their ability to sense others’ emotions and pain. However, learning to establish healthy boundaries is crucial for our well-being and our ability to help others effectively.

Embracing Your Empathic Existence

Empathy is a valuable skill, but it can be challenging to manage. Empaths can sense and absorb the emotions of others, but this can be overwhelming if left unmanaged. However, Reiki provides a powerful solution to this problem. By accessing a perpetual wellspring of energy, empaths can maintain a balance within themselves and calibrate their sensitivities. This means we can share our innate gifts without being weighed down by others’ emotions. In fact, with Reiki, empaths can become skilled counsellors and healers, offering invaluable support to those in need. By learning how to manage our abilities and set boundaries, empaths can unlock their full potential and make a real difference in the world.

Don’t let your empathic nature be a point of struggle when it can be a source of tremendous strength and healing. I recommend you explore Reiki training to learn how to channel your empathic abilities and reach your full potential.


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  1. Hi Beverley,

    I’m glad you found it useful. It is easy to forget the impact that our energetic environment has on us. xx

  2. Thankyou Tina. I needed this reminder! We progress along life’s way, but sometimes circumstances take us back. A most helpful blog & reminder.xx

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