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Make Your Own Magic

by Intuition and Intention

Find answers, solve problems and align your life with your purpose

I have been utterly fascinated by the power of our intentions, thoughts and feelings for so long. How, when our mind, body and energy is in alignment with our purpose, magic seems to happen. In fact I just bought a t-shirt that says “Make your own magic” because I love this idea so much. Equally, if we are clear in our purpose and remind ourselves of it often, our mind, body and energy naturally move towards alignment with that purpose. Magic happens either way.

The Law of Attraction

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the law of attraction and I think there is some merit to this concept, yet there is something missing I think. It’s not about asking for what we want and then sitting back and wondering if the universe is going to provide it. It’s about setting a clear intention and then actively seeking out what we need to make that intention become a reality, something that we have the power to create. The magic comes from within you, even if some of the tools are provided by the universe you still need to seek them out and learn how to use them. What happens, when we learn how to follow our thread, is that we find it easier and easier to find what we need to fulfil our intention, as if by magic that thread starts leading the way forward to meet our aims. All we need is a single point of focus and the beginning of the thread is formed and then all you have to do is be alert and follow the thread.

What’s your intention?

What’s your intention for your life, your year, your month, your day, your job… it doesn’t matter where you start – whether it’s the big picture of your life purpose or just about getting through today. The only thing that matters is that you start somewhere because when you create a thread you are not creating something solid and fixed. You are creating something that can flow effortlessly like water, changing direction if necessary to get to the ultimate destination no matter how many obstacles it might have to deal with along the way. Your intention is the very beginning of your creation – whether you are creating a better life or a specific project or something else, doesn’t matter. Reiki has taught me and many, many others that energy follows intention and so does your life.

Write down your intention!

Be clear and simple with it, preferably memorise it, but definitely write it down. You need to remind yourself of it every day for as long as it remains relevant. You can change your intention as the thread guides you to do so or the feeling moves you or simply because you changed your mind about something. But to follow your thread you need an intention – so what is it you want to achieve?

How does it make you feel?

The next thing to consider is the feeling behind that intention – when you speak your intention out loud what emotion does it generate. Is it a positive feeling such as empowerment, joy, love or is it one of fear or other negative feelings. Is your intention about what you love or what your fear? Is it about what you want to move towards or what you are wanting to get away from? Here is where the Reiki Precept “Just for today be honest” is going to be useful. Your intention should evoke positive feelings and be about what you want to move towards, not what you want to get away from. If, for example, your intention is to make more money, be careful as this is often a fear based intention – fears around not being good enough, not being successful enough, not having enough. There are a lot of ‘not’s’ there. We want our thread to flow rather than becoming a tangled mess of knots. So ask yourself what do you gain from having more money? Security perhaps, what does that give you? Freedom perhaps. These may not be your answers but they are common ones. In this example your intention is not to make more money but to create more freedom. You could keep going and ask what do I gain from more freedom and so on, until you feel you can’t reach any higher. There you will probably find the most appropriate intention. What emotional state does that evoke? I’m guessing something better.

Seek out the connections!

Now that you have your intention in mind, don’t stop there. Keep it in mind by having reminders everywhere. Be creative if you like – build a symbol that represents your intention and meditate on that symbol. Just don’t get it tattooed on your butt, remember life is changeable, everything is impermanent so we don’t want to get attached to outcomes, just know our intention at that moment. If we remember this, then should life throw us some bumps (as it often does), we can usually manage them better, by being flexible with our thread. You may like to keep a journal that focuses on your intention and the thread you are creating. It can be a great way to see more connections and synchronicity that you may miss otherwise.

All that is left for you to do is follow your thread. Become the hunter and seeker of all that fulfils your intention. Don’t just look in the obvious places either, explore and discover in places you might not expect to find things, you never know what might surprise you – the universe is abundant in it gifts and signs that could help you. I hope you enjoy the journey your thread takes you on.

“Sci-fi has never really been my bag. But I do believe in a lot of weird things these days, such as synchronicity. Quantum physics suggests it’s possible, so why not?” – John Cleese


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