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Preparing for Spring Equinox

by Crystal Healing

On the 20th of March this year, we hit the Spring Equinox, the beginning of our lovely spring weather (we hope). I think it’s fair to say we are all craving more light and sunshine in our lives. In this blog, I will share insights on how to align your life with this season and what crystals, animal medicine and plants can support you during the springtime.

This Spring Equinox May Be an Important One.

Many of us have been stuck indoors and isolated more often than usual over these past months. We’ve been confined with people we are not used to be confined with for such long periods. Many of us will have suffered stress and upheaval. Our homes, our relationships, our working lives, and our health could benefit from a spring clean right now.

Spring Cleaning Your Home.

Spring cleaning the house is pretty apparent; we all know what’s involved there. Remember to declutter your home, too; what is it that you can let go of? The more we let go of the ‘stuff’ we don’t need anymore, the more space we create for new things that can help support our goals. Even if you declutter one room or even one cupboard, it makes a difference.

Spring Cleaning Your Relationships.

But what about your relationships? Sometimes we become aware of those people in our lives we need to let go of, and it may be challenging, but it can be an essential step in creating a more positive and supportive network around us. We then have time to give more to those in our lives that are truly important to us. Perhaps nurture some of the relationships that you’ve neglected over the past year. Now is a good time to gently air out the challenges you have with loved ones and give them the chance to do the same. To work through new ways that you may like to relate to each other in the future.

Spring Cleaning Your Work.

You can spring clean your working life too whether you’re self-employed or work for a company. What changes would you like to happen? How might you like to refresh your working life? Do you want to go for that promotion? Do you have ideas you haven’t shared with your company yet or begun to action in your own business? Now is a great time to put new ideas into action.

Spring Clean Your Lifestyle.

Becoming healthier is a popular New Year Resolution. It’s also one that most people fail at miserably. This is because it’s the wrong time of year to lose weight, give up wine or smoking etc. It’s cold, damp, and dark out there. The temptation for those things that comfort us is at its highest. With lighter days ahead and a fresh spring breeze in the air, we have our best hope of introducing healthier habits and letting go of the less healthy habits.

Be Kind and Break Your Goals Down Into Manageable Chunks.

Now that spring is coming, we can set our plans in motion, knowing that our biology, our nature and nature itself will fully support that. Now that you have some ideas of what you might like to put into action this spring, please remember to be kind to yourself in the process. Remember that with any goal or project, it’s best to break it down into milestones. Then break down each milestone into minor tasks. Focus on the next step, not the result.

Little Rituals Help.

Little Rituals can help us focus our ideas and plans and support our goals. Rituals act as reminders of what we want to achieve. Setting up a small space with some key objects to help you can be a lovely thing to do. You can create a piece of art that reflects your springtime goals, or build an altar, maybe even make a soundtrack that contains music that reflects your goals or inspires you in some way. In my case, I’ve created a piece of jewellery, my Spring Equinox Ring, more about that in a moment.

The Spring Element is Air.

Any feathers you find can be a great symbol of this time of year. Bird Medicine is about soaring, seeing new perspectives, connecting with the Upper Shamanic Worlds, so look up and be inspired. It’s called blue sky thinking for a reason.

Plant Medicine for the Spring Equinox.

Dandelions and Burdock are great plant allies for this time of year. They are useful herbs for detoxification, but the dandelion offers more than just that. The bright yellow of the flower lifts the mood, inspires creativity. Then there is the dandelion’s seed head. Remember blowing them and making a wish as a child. Child-like curiosity and wonder can help fuel inspiration and ideas.

Crystals for the Spring Equinox.

Then, of course, we can use crystals. In my Spring Equinox ring, I use Malachite, Peridot and Golden Rutile Quartz. I’ve wanted to put these stones in a jewellery piece for a while because they create quite an incredible energy together.

Spring Equinox


Malachite is a great heart healer on every level, and most of us could use some help there. Being able to bring your passion and ideas into the world requires a significant strength of heart. But Malachite is also known as the ‘luck’ stone, and who wouldn’t want to increase their luck in life.


Then we have Peridot. This lovely little stone is easy to overlook. Still, it’s a powerful stone to help increase anything from prosperity, health, connection to others, success in any area you place your energy and focus. ‘Increase’ is what spring is all about, everything is growing at this time of year, so Peridot is in many ways the ultimate Spring Equinox stone.

Golden Rutile Quartz

Finally, we have Golden Rutile Quartz, a powerful amplifier (again very spring-like). Whatever your focus, this golden delight can help you to grow your ideas faster.

Together these stones can support your Spring Equinox plans. The ultimate combination helps you bring your ideas into reality and nudge your luck in the right direction. Naturally, you still must do the work, but these stones can help you align your energy with your goals, giving fantastic support to the actions you take to make them happen.

Spring Equinox a time to put plans into action.

I hope that gives you some ideas for this Spring Equinox. I’d love to hear about them in the comments below and get in touch if you have questions or perhaps could use some help getting your plans off the ground.

I hope this is the beginning of the end to the nightmare of Covid-19 and that you all continue to remain safe as we begin to plan a brighter year.


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