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The Power Of Nature Lies Within You

by Personal Development

Connect with your own inner source of magic

I love the idea of helping people to connect with their own inner source of magic, power and resources. Hence, the renaming of my blog to ‘Discover Your Inner Magician.’

Most days I wander through Epping forest with my two mad dogs Merlin and Gwen. Their names might be a clue to my love of magic and fantasy. When you walk in nature, it’s hard to ignore the magic that surrounds us, the magic that we begin to feel inside of us.

It’s hard to ignore the magical presence of nature


I’m talking about our own inner power, the undeniable power and magic of nature. You know the feeling you get when you stand amongst nature, somewhere insanely beautiful, insanely awesome and you just take a breath as you try to embrace the wonder of it all. That’s magic, that’s you getting in touch with the power that comes with nature. Guess what? You are a part of that power, that nature, and I find that incredibly exciting.

As a fan of fantasy and magic, I have a least 3 magic wands. I have to confess, they do strange things at times, but unfortunately I’ve not yet managed to point one at a lock, say the magic words “Alohomora” and find it has unlocked. Disappointing. And of course, you never have your wand to hand when you lock yourself out of the house anyway. Yet, if I could wave a magic wand and resolve all the problems of this world, or even just the problems that one individual faces, would I? Actually, no I wouldn’t. Is that because I’m mean, not really.

If I could wave a magic wand and resolve all the problems of this world, or even just the problems that one individual faces, would I?

As tempting as it would be, I wouldn’t use a magic wand to solve another person’s problem or struggle because I’d be doing them a huge disservice. I would be failing to enable them to recognise their own ability and power to help themselves. I would be disempowering that person and leaving them less able, the next time they face a struggle or problem.

Reiki offers a way of life that increases our self-awareness and equally our awareness that there is no self. We are intimately connected with each other, with nature and with the universe. Buddhist philosophy runs deep at the heart of the original teachings, and the interconnected nature of all things is a big part of that. Yet, strangely in the western world of Reiki, the emphasis is put on us being separate. The idea that we need to be ‘attuned’ to Reiki, rather than be empowered to recognise what is already a part of us. Equally the idea of us needing to be responsible for someone else’s healing, rather than empowering their natural ability to heal themselves.

I really believe that we (that is ourselves, our students, our clients) have access to everything that we need to heal and to achieve our goals. That there is nothing, a psychic, medium or spirit guide can tell you that you don’t already have access to inside yourself.

The mighty pendulum

I run a pendulum course and the thing that amazes me the most is the surprise on people’s faces when that little pendulum on a string starts to give them answers. “My god, my pendulum is a genius.” “How does it do that? How can it know that?” That people find it easier to believe in a pendulum or some other external power moving their pendulum, than the idea that they have that wisdom and knowledge within themselves, is quite astonishing.

And even if you believe in spirit, angels, deities (and I’m not saying I don’t or you shouldn’t) just that surely you must hear them telling you to believe in yourself, to recognise your own power, your own talent, your own connection with nature. That seems to be a regular message in any book or divination system I’ve connected with on the topic. When we do begin to acknowledge our own ability, our own inner magician, that’s when the really amazing stuff starts to happen. When we put all our emphasis on seeking help from outside ourselves and forget to engage our own energy and wisdom all we get are glimpses of possibility, often followed by hopes being dashed.

Our fascination with magic

I went to the British Library to see their ‘History of Magic’ exhibition. An amazing display of how deeply rooted magic is within our human psyche. That more than 3000 years ago people were exploring the idea of magic, and that continues right up until today. Not only do people still explore such ideas they are enthralled by books such as Harry Potter because we are innately curious about the mysteries that the universe holds. We long for the idea of magic, and yet so often it is right there under our noses, just not always covered in fairy dust or signposted as ‘this is magic’.

Have your beliefs in angels, deities and guides etc., trust they will support and guide you, but don’t give them your life assignment and say do that for me, I want an A+. The result just won’t be as rewarding as what you could get from your own willingness to do the work, to be fully engaged in your own life, to be responsible for your own actions and choices. The Reiki Precepts never once suggest ‘Just for today have your angels do it.’

Remember you are a part of nature

So the next time you are embracing nature, feeling that awesome force, even if it’s just walking through the city on a gusty evening and you’re battling with your brolly, stop and remember that you are a part of that nature, you are powerful and amazing too. Have fun with your beliefs, explore them but remember you are a part of that power not separate from it. Be curious about what you could achieve if you begin to engage fully in your life. What could happen if you joined forces with nature and with your guides, instead of seeing yourself as separate from them?

When you join forces with nature and our almighty universe, flow with it, see yourself as a part of it. What begins to emerge is often more exciting and better than anything we could begin to imagine in our own separate worlds.


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