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The Crown Chakra

by Energy Anatomy

Does what you do define who you are? Who would you be beyond the roles and labels assigned to you?

The Crown Chakra is the final chakra in this seven-chakra series. If you’ve not yet explored the others in the series, you may wish to start with the Root Chakra, followed by the posts on the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the seventh major chakra located at the top of the head. Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara, which means Thousandfold. The colours associated with the Crown Chakra are violet, white, and gold. The Element for the Crown Chakra is Thought.

A Balanced Crown Chakra

A person who is deeply connected to the essence of their identity and the world around them. This person may appear very magnetic and charismatic. They are highly functional yet able to move with the flow of life and generate magic and miracles. A person with a healthy, balanced Crown Chakra experiences transcendent states and is not only self-aware but aware of the interconnected nature of life and the universe.

Crown Chakra Blog - Consciousness

Imbalances in the Crown Chakra

If this chakra is sluggish or stuck, then constant exhaustion, an inability to make decisions, finding learning difficult and lacking a sense of meaning and connection may plague you. On the other hand, if this chakra is spinning too fast, you may experience manic depressive moods, confusion, frustration, and obsessive overthinking. Perhaps a sense of unrealised power, in extreme cases, psychotic episodes.

Physical Correspondences

The associated body parts of the Crown Chakra are the upper skull, the cerebral cortex, the skin and Pituitary Gland. Physical dysfunctions may include sensitivity to pollution, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s

Why do we end up with an imbalanced Crown Chakra?

There are two main factors involved with the crown chakra. First, much like the Root Chakra, it can stem from early childhood or influences in our environment. The Root chakra is about having a safe and secure childhood that promotes a sense of belonging.

The Crown Chakra tends to be more about the beliefs and values permeating your environment, which can also influence your sense of belonging. For example, a strict religious upbringing can sometimes cause us to rebel against all things that sit in the spiritual or Divine arena.

An environment that places value on the material, or the scientific, may steer us clear of any ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’ ideas that we may be ridiculed for. Then we grow up surrounded by a society that defines success by what we do and how much money we earn. Instead of focusing on who we are and whether we are decent, happy people. Hence, my opening question. Does what you do define who you are? Who would you be beyond the roles and labels assigned to you?

If you are heading towards retirement and your sense of self is entirely wrapped up in your job, you might want to look beyond that to discover your deeper self. Your retirement can be much more rewarding if you have a sense of self that isn’t dependent on what you do. But whatever your age, exploring who you are beyond the imposed labels and roles will create a greater sense of wholeness, connection and belonging.

What you can you do to promote a balanced, harmonious Crown Chakra?

Mindfulness and Meditation

The Crown Chakra is intrinsically connected to our consciousness, the ordinary consciousness, and greater cosmic consciousness. So being able to calm the mind and sit with yourself, rather than distracting yourself from yourself through busyness, can help give us clarity in who we are beyond everything else.

Cultivating the Aware Self

Something that mindfulness and meditation practices will help us to do. Cultivating the aware self is getting to know the small part of you that watches and observes; some call it the witness. This part of us doesn’t judge or command; it simply observes and understands.

Connecting with Nature

Nature is the best teacher available if we wish to surrender to the moment and be who we are. You’ll never see a tree or a squirrel trying to be something they are not. If we observe nature for any period, we can really start to understand how all of life is connected and that we are a part of that too. Nature can teach us to live selflessly without neglecting ourselves or our needs. It means we can recognise the importance of our place in our community and the world. Life stops being a race to be the best and have the most and becomes about how much value we offer and how much we can contribute to the whole.


There are no particular foods or nutrients to support the Crown Chakra. However, purification of the mind, body and spirit will certainly help. Removing foods and drinks that weigh the body down and increase toxicity. Fasting can help if that is suited to your overall health and lifestyle. Taking a cleansing salt bath can help clear the body of toxins. Mindfulness and meditation can help you cleanse the mind of negativity. Perhaps a little therapy might be helpful too. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, or Shamanic Healing can support purifying the mind, emotions and body energy.


All forms of self-reflection, of course, will help you get to know yourself. I recommend journalling morning and/or evening to reflect on your day. Some simple questions can get you started until you develop your own style. What did you most enjoy and feel curious about today? Ask what did you learn or observe about yourself today? What are you most grateful for in your life today? Some people like journaling prompts, and you can find an endless supply online. Others prefer to free flow or even a little bit of both. You can refine your journalling practice over time, so it becomes something that helps you navigate life and get to know yourself at a deeper level.

Positive Psychology

It’s all about what makes people happy and experience a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. Through positive psychology, you can learn how to step into flow states, where everything feels effortless and time flies because you are engaging core aspects of who you are. The following website is an excellent introduction to positive psychology. I recommend taking the survey to identify your top strengths.

Exploring New Things

Getting stuck in a rut of doing the same things is easy. Our working life takes up a large quantity of our time. We can get stuck in routines, how we work, and deal with our children, pets, and family. The things we tend to do with our partners, our friends, the clothes we wear, the books we read, and the newspaper we read. Exploring new things and ways of doing what we already do can help us expand our beliefs, learn about ourselves, and develop new connections in life.


Generally, the clear, white and violet crystals support and help develop the Crown Chakra. All the various Clear Quartz, Diamond, Herkimer Diamonds, Danburite, Clear Calcites, and Amethyst. But amongst my personal favourites are Charoite, Azurite, Celestite, Selenite, Tanzanite, Phenacite and Moonstone.

View my Crown Chakra Jewellery.

A Final Word

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Chakra Series and gleaned some valuable tips to help you create more balance and harmony in all your chakras. Please get in touch if you need professional help with any aspect of your mind, body, spiritual health, and well-being. In the meantime, if you are a subscriber, keep an eye on your inbox, as your free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation* will soon be on its way to you.

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